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Dungeons & Dragons Tarot Deck

Dungeons & Dragons Tarot Deck

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A 78-Card Deck 6.4" l x 4.8" w x 1.9" h

By Official Dungeons & Dragons Licensed
Illustrated by Fred Gissubel

D&D fans everywhere rejoice!

There is now an official Dungeons & Dragons tool for you to peer into the future, giving you insight into your own life, and perhaps a competitive edge in your next game.

This officially licensed tarot deck pays homage to the lore of Dungeons & Dragons by pairing characters and encounters with the Major and Minor Arcana of tarot. The characters of the Major Arcana align to the Rider-Waite Tarot while the suits of the Minor Arcana are mapped to abilities within the game of D&D. Beautifully illustrated with exclusive art, the deck also includes a booklet that introduces players to tarot, explains the meanings of the cards, and includes prompts to add dynamic twists to your D&D experience, making this the ultimate collectible for dungeon masters, players, and fans of RPGs.

Note: This is NOT a gameplay accessory. 

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