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Esoteric Buddhism of Japan Oracle Deck

Esoteric Buddhism of Japan Oracle Deck

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Esoteric Buddhism of Japan Oracle Deck

Created by Yuzul Kotaki and Miki Okuda

Guidebook included

Card dimension 3.75x5.5 inches

Work with mudrā, mantra, and mandala for mindfulness, meditation, and potent revelation. Develop a meaningful connection with Buddhas, Bodhisattvas, Wisdom Kings, and other traditional messengers of Esoteric Buddhism with this uniquely crafted oracle set. The cards feature 44 forms of the Buddha, carefully and beautifully rendered by Miki Okuda with mudrās, colors, and symbolism to open your awareness to your true nature and wisdom. In the guidebook, you will discover mandalas, mantras, messages, and blessings to grow your understanding, deepen your compassion, and help you access profound and beneficial insight. Includes 44 cards and 116-page guidebook.

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