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Fruit Trees - Wood Runes - Elder Futhark - Handmade

Fruit Trees - Wood Runes - Elder Futhark - Handmade

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Material: Fruit Trees

24 symbols with one blank piece

Size: 0.5-.75 inches

Includes a bag (of random coloring)

Includes a basic cheat sheet.

Symbols have been burnt onto material.

From divination to magic to meditation, the sacred runic symbols lend profound power to many practices. The word "rune" in German means "letter" and "secret." That is precisely why it is believed that its original meaning was - "a silent message." The earliest runic inscriptions discovered date from around 150 AD. During the Viking era, the Norsemen used these runic symbols. Runes are believed to have been used during magic rituals (invoking powerful forces) long before they began to be used for writing. The Elder Futhark consists of 24 characters and was used from 150 to 800 AD.

Note: Please allow for some variation in color, shape and size due to the natural materials.

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