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Astragaloi Deer Dice - Bone Runes - Greek - Handmade

Astragaloi Deer Dice - Bone Runes - Greek - Handmade

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Material: Deer Leg Joint

1 piece

About 2 x 2.5 inches

Includes one pouch (color varies).

Includes a basic cheat sheet.

Symbols have been burnt onto material.

Numbers have been burned into the piece. Please allow for some discoloration amongst pieces due to the raw materials.

Greek divination began with the birthing of the culture, around 500 B.C. The Greeks looked to the Gods to answer life's questions. Divination, such as astragaloi dice, provided a method of communication between the mortal people and their Deities. Astragaloi, or knucklebones, are dice made from hooves mammals. 

Note: Please allow for some variation in color, shape and size due to the natural materials.

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