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Horus and Nefertari - Lighter Skin Tone - Papyrus Painting

Horus and Nefertari - Lighter Skin Tone - Papyrus Painting

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Material: Papyrus reed paper, paint

Size: 13in x 16in.

The papyrus edges are uneven, but can be cut to desired size and shape.

Bring the past alive with Egyptian papyrus paintings depicting the daily life, mythology, gods and goddesses of ancient Egypt. Egyptians used paintings as a storytelling method to promote relationships, societal rules, principles and lifestyles. The earliest known papyrus paper discovered comes from the Dynasty 1 tomb of the high official Hemaka (2900 B.C.). 

Papyrus Authenticity Included -Each painting is on genuine handmade natural papyrus paper. Papyrus paper lasts many lifetimes. It is flexible and can be gently rolled into a tube shape. Please allow for some color variations due to the natural paper and hand painting.

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