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Ogham - Wood Runes - Celtic - Handmade

Ogham - Wood Runes - Celtic - Handmade

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Material: Various plants that match the symbol's meaning

Size: about 1 inch long

20 pieces total

Comes with one pouch (of various color)

Comes with one cheat sheet for reference.

Symbols have been burnt onto material.

The ogham is a Celtic alphabet/divination system, based on 20 native British trees. It is used in much the same way as runes. The Sacred Ogham or Celtic Tree Alphabet has been in use since the 4th century and can be used both as an alphabet and as a divinatory tool or oracle. Trees were considered sacred to the Druids and Celtic people and each tree was given it's own symbol to express and tap into the trees energy.

Note: Some types of plants may have been substituted due to accessibility. However, the substitute will be within the scientific family of the original plant or will hold the same spiritual/healing properties of the symbol meaning. 

Note: Please allow for some variation in color, shape and size due to the natural materials.

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