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Pipistrelle Bat - Species in Resin

Pipistrelle Bat - Species in Resin

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Material: Pipistrelle Bat in a square resin casing. 
This bat can be found all over the world. Ranging from Asia, North Africa, India and the British isles. This bat has a very short muzzle, typically reddish brown fur, and a wing span of about 7 – 9 3/4 inches.

Dimensions: 3 inches x 3 inches

This item is perfect as a paperweight, educational purposes, a gift, a great conversation starter or personal use.

Bats are highly misunderstood mammals. They sleep during the day and fly out at night. They hunt using echolocation. They are highly social and stay close to their family. They often cuddle with their family groups.

As a spiritual animal, they can help you overcome your fear of the dark. They are highly in tune with the 'sixth' sense and great listeners. They love socializing.
*Please allow for some variations of insect positioning due to the natural material.
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