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Shark Vertebrae LG - Bone Runes - Elder Futhark - Handmade

Shark Vertebrae LG - Bone Runes - Elder Futhark - Handmade

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Material: Shark Vertebrae 

Size: 1 inch in width

24 Elder Futhark with 1 blank. Total of 25 pieces.

One canvas bag.

One free basic cheat sheet for reference.

Symbols have been burnt onto material.

The runic alphabets were the first written signs created by the Germanic people and used later by Norseman back in the day. The word "rune" in German means "letter" and "secret." And that is precisely why it is believed that its original meaning was - "a silent message."Elder Futhark runes have an important place in Norse mythology related to the God Odin. Runes had the function of letters and were used for writing in several Germanic languages. However, the meanings of the Elder Futhark runes were much deeper than that of the letters we know today. Each rune was a symbol of some cosmic force. Therefore, writing a runic letter meant invoking the power that the written rune symbolized.

Note: Please allow for some variation in color, shape and size due to the natural materials.

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